More than a Talent Agency

We are a talent agency, which specializes in voice – voiceover and voice acting to be precise. But more importantly, we’re storytellers.

We tell stories that connect, communicate, persuade, educate, and sell ideas to the world – your ideas.

Whether a novice or seasoned media producer we’re here to help tell your stories, and guide you through the talent hiring and production process.


What really sets us apart is that we…

  • Specialize only in voiceover and voice acting.
  • Maintain a smaller roster of talent. We’re picky so you don’t have to be.
  • Offer free auditions, so you know what you’re getting.
  • Provide reasonable rates and are willing to work with your budget.
  • Partner with professional recording studios, keeping production costs lower while streamlining the record process.

Whatever your need, it’s a simple as eating cake. We even offer a gluten free option. We provide…

  • Voice acting for television and radio advertising,
  • Narration for corporate communications,
  • Telephone prompt and IVR messaging,
  • Storytelling for audiobooks,
  • Voiceover Narration for documentaries,
  • and Character voices for games

We’re here to tell your story. All you have to do, is call.

Voicebox Talent – 612.367.4119.


Featured Talent
  • Therese Walth
    Therese Walth
    Therese Walth is uncorked champagne that will make you giggle every time she opens her mouth; and if you’re not giggling, she’ll do it for you. What we’re saying is that she’s ...
  • Jake Nyberg
    Jake Nyberg
    Jake Nyberg is a mover and a shaker, but he’d never be one to let you know about it. An accomplished producer and co-founder at Three Volts Creative, Jake has produced some very creative ads on ...

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