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Here at VoiceBox, we aim to carve out a better path in the world of voiceover. As a professional voice talent agency specializing in, well, voice – Voiceovers and Voice Acting to be precise, we see a better path as connecting fresh, creative voice-actors to producers who demand quality. It means offering reasonable rates and personalized services to make your life a little easier. It means partnering with professional studios to provide exceptional recordings, and above all it means continual improvement of our talent so your productions shine. What sets us apart?

  • We specialize in voice. and voice only so you know you’re getting excellent talent.
  • We send only our select best talent, every time saving you time.
  • We offer reasonable rates and are willing to work with your budget. 

Whatever your need, voice-over for advertising, voice-over for narration or corporate communications, audiobooks, documentaries, and even voice acting for games including character voices,  we’ve got you covered.  Voice – It’s what we’re passionate about and what we excel at. We are VoiceBox. Call us at 612.367.4119 to hear more.  

Talent Spotlight: Holly Windle

Holly WindleFirst you sow seed. Then water it. Wait with anticipation. And finally with much joy, delight in its harvest. That harvest is Holly Windle. She is the bounty of a perfect day of gardening and the delight that is a dozen long stem roses. She brings sunshine to your spot work and a personal touch to your sales video that connects with your customers that is caring, honest and real. She has been a long standing member of the Twin Cities acting community and a perfect voice for your next healthcare benefits explanation or that road trip to Grand Turtle Casino.

Vocal Characteristics: 
 Seasoned  • Friendly • Elegant • Charming • Witty

Talent Spotlight: Bo Barker

BoBarker_NinjaBo brings the voice of a seasoned iron worker recounting the time he saved a kitten from disaster. A gentle, prideful, blue collar voice whose only desire is to do the job right, and then enjoy a cold beer afterwards with friends. While not afraid to speak up, Bo knows that strength is not in how loud a man is, nor how hard he pumps his fist, but in a quiet fortitude that delivers each and every time. He is the perfect man for your next political campaign, crop commercial, or national truck ad.

Vocal Characteristics: 
 Understated Strength • Honest  • Real • Proud