More than a Talent Agency

We are a talent agency, which specializes in voice – voiceover and voice acting to be precise. But more importantly, we’re storytellers.

We tell stories that connect, communicate, persuade, educate, and sell ideas to the world – your ideas.

Whether a novice or seasoned media producer we’re here to help tell your stories, and guide you through the talent hiring and production process.


What really sets us apart is that we…

  • Specialize only in voiceover and voice acting.
  • Maintain a smaller roster of talent. We’re picky so you don’t have to be.
  • Offer free auditions, so you know what you’re getting.
  • Provide reasonable rates and are willing to work with your budget.
  • Partner with professional recording studios, keeping production costs lower while streamlining the record process.

Whatever your need, it’s a simple as eating cake. We even offer a gluten free option. We provide…

  • Voice acting for television and radio advertising,
  • Narration for corporate communications,
  • Telephone prompt and IVR messaging,
  • Storytelling for audiobooks,
  • Voiceover Narration for documentaries,
  • and Character voices for games

We’re here to tell your story. All you have to do, is call.

Voicebox Talent – 612.367.4119.


Featured Talent
  • Greg Johnson
    Greg Johnson
    Booking two major ad campaigns for Scion and Subway right out of the gate, Greg Johnson has a very bright future a head of him. At only twenty-four years of age this youthful sounding musician has mor ...
  • Ari Prusak
    Ari Prusak
    Ariana Prusak has hit her groove over the last year and isn’t showing signs of slowing. She embodies smart financial savings, sassy hair care, wacky comic characters, and is now gearing up to be the v ...